NETIS (New Technology Information System), Noise problem solving pin 
     TOP-PIN (product reported on NETIS administered by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and                                                     Transport)

【The story behind the development of TOP-PIN, a noise problem solving pin】

 Many kinds of ideas have been adopted before the idea of “a gutter and lid to eliminate noise," and other ideas are still progressing. We focused attention on the impact between the contact faces of adjacent lids and abrasion between the lid and gutter, and have developed “TOP-PIN,” which reduces the abrasion between the lid and gutter and eliminates the impact between concrete objects.


 ● TOP-PIN is a product that integrates a positioning pin and a special rubber gasket, making it suitable for  
placement on a slope because there is no lid displacement, and also suitable for placement in urban areas
because TOP-PIN is a solution for noise problems.

 ● TOP-PIN demonstrates its excellent effectiveness even in barrier-free designs with strict standards.

 ● TOP-PIN supports a wide variety of gutters such as tough free gradient gutters and gutters with drop lids.

 ● Applicable to a wide range of applications because TOP-PIN can be mounted on existing gutters.

 ● TOP-PIN can prevent the corner of a lid from being cracked or broken and restore the original beauty of gutters.

 NETIS Noise problem solving pin TOP-PIN execution

 NETIS Noise problem solving pin TOP-PIN execution process

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